Paid Subscription is Live

Your contribution will not only make psytizenship financially sustainable, but also keep it accessible for those who cannot afford to pay.

Your content is so good [that] it should be taught in Psychology class as a subject.

— Jasbir Kaur Thadhani, Head, Counseling and Psychometrics, Mehrizm Foundation, and Visiting Faculty, Rashtriya Raksha University

I had announced a week ago that I was going to launch paid subscriptions to psytizenship, which will help me cover —

a)     operational costs of psytizenship (such as domain name, etc.),

b)    subscription charges of periodicals and costs of purchasing articles, books and any other material required for research,

c)     the fees of filing RTIs and accessing government documents,

d)    a good stipend to research interns (that I plan to hire in coming months),

e)     execution of multiple projects I am conceiving at this moment, and most importantly,

f)     coffee and green tea for myself.

The paid subscriptions are live now. You can purchase one here.

If you are a student or an early career professional, a 40% discount is available on this link (you don’t need to show any proof to use the discount. It is an honour system.)

If you cannot afford a recurring subscription but still want to support psytizenship financially, you can make one time payment of any amount here.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting my work.