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Its a humble request to please take some time and read.

After NCAHP Act 2021 has been circulated. It has created lot of anxiousness & fear among those who have put in so much of hard work in completing the course at IGNOU. IGNOU has not spared us on anything, may it be internship hours, attending class, having 80% attendance, practical classes to projects and our viva exams are not conducted by any random psychologists. They are Senior most Psychiatrists and Clinical, Counselling Psychologists from premium Hospitals & institutions. Two years we had to work hard in addition to managing work, family and sleepless nights in writing assignments, completing projects & internship records. We put in the same or even more hard work than regular mode courses.

And why do we prefer IGNOU?

1. - quality

- enormous amount of experience

- structured and organized

2. There are hardly few institutes in our country in regular mode who give good quality education in the field of mental health. So we take masters from IGNOU as it is NACC A++, UGC recognized and it's well known all over the world. In addition to masters from IGNOU most of us, who want to get into psychotherapy career have already spent or will spend lakhs of rupees in gaining more experience through PG diplomas & certifications from different schools of thought nationally or Internationally certified. Studies in therapeutic schools varies from minimum 3 months to 4 years. These teachers have practical skills in the area of psychotherapy who have real life experiences and are known to be finest therapists among people. We undergo supervision under them.

Why is it necessary to go to such therapy schools paying huge amount of fees?

Because there, apart from learning standard theory and practicals on analyzing the clients, we have to go through intense learning of our own self biased thinking & overgeneralizations, that we may project unintentionally on others in therapy sessions. We have to undergo therapies ourselves throughout(not just 6 to 10 sessions of what is said to be mandatory in regular mode)

who are our classmates?

Majority of them are working professionals (Managers, HR, homeopathy, ayurveda, psychiatry doctors, military officials, dance movement therapist, government officials, educators and many who already have full time national/international masters, PHD's in similar fields) who have had many years of field experience, worked with individuals, managed people closely and have known and listened to peoples problems. Such are the persons who take masters in Psychology at IGNOU. In addition we take internships in the mental health field which varies from individual to individual some take minimum hours and some 2000+ hours in clinical setting, NGO's,counseling centers etc.

Why are above points important?

Because its high time people should stop spreading rumours and false self proclaimed acclamations.

As soon as this bill was out, people (regular mode master/PHD degree holders almost majority in our country who do not even have exposure to psychotherapy and are allowed to apply for license) started spreading rumours that distance education students like IGNOU will not be able to practice henceforth,without even thinking of how this could have affected wellbeing of those who have put in so much of efforts especially in this pandemic where already people are in fear & anxious mode. This seriously questions the credibility of those who have passed from regular mode (Not everyone, it applies to who spread such rumors)

Creating panic, making people anxious, creating fear, judging and invalidating efforts put in by IGNOU students, passing comments like time passers and useless and what not.

Without being in our shoes how did they measure our efforts and on what basis do they make such pathetic conclusions?

And, imagine if such people who do not have empathy, who cannot take in perspectives of others, who do not care about others, who preach big on unconditional positivity, love, kindness and they themselves do not follow what they preach and lack basic psychological etiquttes.

In a country like ours where there is dire need for qualified psychologists, just because of the institutes name IGNOU (which according to me is best because IGNOU provides platform not just to what is academically important but also to learn from experienced people) are disregarded as useless.

How insensible can these people be who carelessly label IGNOU students?

If this is not emotional harassment & irresponsibility, what is it then?

This post is not to disregard efforts put in by any regular mode students. Intention here is to bring awareness to people and policy makers of what IGNOU and other distance education students actually go through as there is very little known about us and so that distance education students are given opportunity to apply for licensure exam.

Please stop Discrimination🙏

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Absolutely IGNOU should liase with the policy makers since they churn out a large part of the behavioural health community who are placed across any and all such clinics hospitals institutions dealing with mental health and providing a class services. It puts people like us in a fix and render us useless our hardwork all useless.

Pls this needs to be taken up seriously. To ensure registrations the policy makers needs to regularise such courses as well. Just ensuring registrations is doing a half baked job. Infact they will lose out on the major chunk of the mental health community.

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This is really informative! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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It is a good summary document, thanks for sharing, still many questions to be answered. Most important inadequate description of behavioural health and confusion created by keeping mental health separately. Such division need to be clarified more...This is is just like psychiatrists vs clinical psychologist and now clinical psychologist vs psychologist?

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Hi..thanks for sharing this highly important information. Just wanted to tell you that the link for the detailed analysis of drawbacks is not opening. The page was not found.

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This was a brilliant guide on the act. The term behavioral health cannot be equated with the term mental health. They could've given a separate provision for Mental Health but for whatever reason they chose not to. Vague and inadequate descriptions. We got a long way to go.

Thank you so much for creating this detailed and highly informative piece!

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Thank you so much for this detailed article. How can we know if the state councils are already in place?

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This is excellent. May I have the permission to share this FAQ on my foundation's Instagram with all mandatory credits?

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I have done MA in Women's Studies from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar in REGULAR Mode. MA Women's Studies is Equivalent to MSW (Master of Social Work) Degree as per UGC Norms...

I have done MA Psychology with Specialisation Clinical Psychology from IGNOU.

Then I have Research & Internship experience in Clinical Psychology from Hospital setup. I have publication in The Orissa Journal of Psychiatry I have worked as a Psychologist at an NGO in Odisha.

Can I able to get Licence... ???

IGNOU is the Central Government University...

It's Assignment, Question pattern, Marking style, Grading system is of very very higher standard. Now IGNOU IS A++ by NAAC team , India, which is the Highest Rating by NAAC.

Then what will be the issue... ???

Requesting all that: Please kindly take necessary action .... Please spread this to Government Higher Authority bodies... for Re-Action on this issue...

Wating... for a Proper Answer....

Thank U.


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I have done my bsc with human development and a pg diploma in counselling (1 year regular mode course).am.i eligible.to register under NCAHP ACT

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It is extremely disappointing that students who have done Masters via distanc e-learning and practising are liable to be punished. Many women like me have pursued distance

Learning due to circumstances. Also in this age of e-learning why the discrimination. I hope they will reconsider

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Thank you for this important information. I am trying to find the State Allied and Healthcare Council in Delhi, to register as a Psychologist, I found this link, please confirm if you are aware of its authenticity. https://paramedicalcouncildelhi.com/certification-registration.php

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Very unfair for student who studying from distance and ignou isnot easy course complt krna it takes money amd effort and time

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Can Occupational therapists use Dr. Prefix if they are working in Government hospitals?

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If I complete my ma in psychology from ignou and then give UGC NET-JRF and then opt for M. PHIL from regular college will I be able to register then? Or after clearing UGC

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The published guidelines are more of an effort to test the waters. Things are still in discussion stage and government would be open to ideas and suggestions. There is a lot that has not been covered in these guidelines and would require some detailed discussions. It would better to pen down your suggestions and channel them to the right authorities rather than trying to bash up the messenger.

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